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Mexico City Weather
and Climate Statistics

Seasonal Climate and Weather Information for Mexico City



See below for current weather at Benito Juarez International Airport - Mexico City.

Mexico City weather is divided in two seasons, the dry one, from November to April and the rainy from May to October.

Spring months are hot, while the Summer ones have from light to heavy rains specially in the late afternoon and in Fall and Winter dawns really cold but with an amazingly clear sky.

Temperatures range from 0C (32 F) in late October, November, December and January mornings to 32C (90 F) in March, April and May afternoons.

The lower region of the valley receives less rainfall than the upper regions of the south; the lower boroughs of Iztapalapa, Iztacalco, Venustiano Carranza and the west portion of Gustavo A. Madero are usually drier and warmer than the upper southern boroughs of Tlalpan and Milpa Alta, a mountainous region of pine and oak trees known as the range of Ajusco.

The average annual temperature varies from 12 to 16 C (53 to 60 F) depending on the altitude of the borough. Lowest temperatures, usually registered during January and February may reach -2 to -5 C (28 to 23 F), usually accompanied by snow showers on the southern regions of Ajusco, and the maximum temperatures of late spring and summer may reach up to 32 C (90 F).

Current weather at Benito Juarez International Airport - Mexico City:




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