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Month Mean Temperature oF Mean Total Rainfall (mm) Mean Number of Rain Days
Jan 65.8 88.3 25.6 1.1
Feb 65.1 88.3 2.9 0.3
Mar 66.9 87.8 0.1 0.0
Apr 68.9 88.9 0.1 0.1
May 70.9 90.3 20.5 1.6
Jun 74.3 89.4 186.0 10.3
Jul 73.0 89.8 195.5 11.5
Aug 73.4 89.4 215.5 12.1
Sep 73.0 88.0 374.2 14.5
Oct 72.7 89.1 107.9 6.8
Nov 70.7 88.3 25.5 2.0
Dec 68.0 88.5 11.3 1.0

Los Cabos Weather:
Climate and Seasonal Information for Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Los Cabos has beautiful weather during all twelve months of the year, with the average temperature in the winter being in the 70's.  During the summer months the average temperature climbs up into the 90's, not getting as hot as other parts of Mexico at the same latitude due to its coastal location.  Most people choose to come to Los Cabos during North America's cooler months, from November through May, to escape the cold weather.  During the off-season in Cabo, travelers can expect to find discounts of up to 25% on hotels, resorts, and flights.

Los Cabos can be prone to hurricanes and tropical storms.  Visitors to the region during hurricane season (June - November) should tale care to check weather and storm forecasts before they leave.  Up to date storm information can be obtained online at the National Weather Service's Tropical Prediction Center.  

(Weather narrative sourced from Trip Advisor)

Current weather at the International Airport - Los Cabos Mexico:



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